More Best Websites for Thriller Fiction Writers

by Pamela Hegarty

With the volatile changes taking place in the publishing industry today, it’s more important than ever to polish and advocate for your novel, whether you are published “traditionally” or “independently.”

Your primary promotional piece is your book’s cover. A simple step to making it fit the genre and reach your reader is to search Google Images for Thriller Book Covers.  It’s easy to see in the thumbnail images that many of these covers have a single eye-catching image and use a large font for the title and author’s name. It’s especially important to avoid clutter and smaller fonts when selling a book on Amazon, where the reader will only see a thumbnail image of the cover.

A great website to learn about cover design is  The host, Joel Friedlander, a professional book designer, offers insights not only on cover design, but on book interiors, publishing timelines, editing, authentic writing and more. I especially enjoy his book design cover awards. I find it inspiring to see so much creativity by many writers taking advantage of the new opportunities to make their books a reality.

On the writing side, check out the Writer’s Toolbox page on Lisa Gardner’s website. The best-selling thriller writer offers entertaining tips from the perspective of an experienced professional. And who can resist reading a post about Plotting the Novel: Or the Real Reason Writers are Neurotic? Her system may not be for everybody, but it’s worth checking out.

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