Website Wednesday – More of the Best Websites for Thriller Fiction Writers… and Fans

By Pamela Hegarty

Looking for your next good read?  Try for a list of recommended titles with short descriptions.  Choose one that suits your fancy.  Beach weather is here!  They even organize recommended thrillers by category, like “After the Da Vinci Code,” or “Action” thrillers, a sub category reached by clicking on “Thriller Reading Recommendations Blog.”

Looking for a good thriller fiction agent?  In addition to the websites listed in my last Website Wednesday post, I recommend  Easily searchable by author name, book title or genre.  A capsule description of each agent, what they’re looking for, who they represent.

Looking for  marketing tips?  At, publishing sales rep and blogger, Eric, offers an insider’s perspective on the publishing industry.  Insightful posts on query letters, marketing, and what sells and why.

 Tomorrow’s post:  What Star Trek taught me about character